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§2.SWEATER: launch

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§SWEATER gets a profile during the launch at Het Objectief

On Friday 21 September, all puzzle pieces would fall into place during the launch of the new collection. Prior to this, Studio AMA was invited at Het Objectief. It was not only a launch event, but also a fitting room and a shooting location. How did it go? Please read on. 

For the design and production of §2: SWEATER I worked for the first time closely together with a sheltered workshop. Not only that, but also the special material of the mattress covers were new. After a lot of testing with each party, the production was realised.

Expecting 66 sweaters in my studio, I was ready for the next - and perhaps the most exciting - step. I set a date for the launch of the collection. For the location I teamed with Het Objectief. This creative space for image creators was also the perfect place to make some pictures.

Before that, I personally embroidered the AMA logo in the sweaters and sent the design for the hangtag to the printer. The glasses were supplied, the sweaters were embroidered. Friday 21 September around 4 o'clock I was ready to receive the first guests. I could instantly feel how everything was falling into place.

Het Objectief as an event location, fitting room and photo studio

Het Objectief not only served as an event location, but changed into one large fitting room. Visitors searched for their favourite piece, gave each other tips and compliments. The §2.SWEATER collection came to life.

At the same time, they got familiar with the story of Studio AMA and this collection. The sweaters were made from residual flows of mattress covers. The material also determined the design. That's why a sweater makes you feel you're in bed. 

Meanwhile, the fitting room also became a photo studio. Visitors stood in front of the lens, sometimes with some embarrassment, sometimes with a touch of pride. But each time with a broad smile

Thanks to everyone who was there and gave me a helping hand to make this a fantastic moment.

The happy faces and remaining pieces can be found in the webshop.

AMA sweater 2.11  AMA sweater 2.2  AMA sweater 2.6

Launch AMA sweater  AMA sweater 2.12  AMA sweater 2.1