goed gekleed (well dressed)

Studio AMA makes ethical fashion accessible, not only by putting clothes on the market/in the webshop in the most conscious way possible, but by inspiring, motivating and informing. In the Facebook group 'Goed gekleed' members are invited to plunge into a bath of responsible fashion and ecological tips and tricks regarding their wardrobe. We are having a lot of fun together. You will also soon find out, we can learn so much from each other.

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"Why is that?"

This awareness is Studio AMA's foundation:

The fast fashion business model is unsustainable on a social and ecological level. Disposable fashion has become the standard while raw materials are scarce and finite. They are not appreciated. Employees are exploited on a large scale, someone pays the price for cheap clothes.
I myself am dissatisfied, my rebellious nature cannot accept this injustice. As a consumer I want to do things differently, as an entrepreneur I want to offer an alternative. Because I believe that things can be done differently and I see the opportunities, a lab.