in gesprek

004 –
bevlogen en bewogen – in gesprek met Mileen Christiaens

A conversation about how sustainability is embedded in Mileen's life. Her personal actions and how she likes to share her knowledge.
We discover what Zomer Zonder Vliegen is and does, and how Mileen looks at it.
What JNM brought into her life and what she brought into JNM.
About the ideas of Leo Van Brouck, the Flemish Government Architect.

003 – de kracht van de ontmoeting – in gesprek met Joke Lannoye

A discussion about professional and personal ambitions. About major problems and solutions in small initiatives. A story full of power and fire, but above all action. Action to change things. Frustration about the tunnel of bureaucracy. Faith in the future, less flying, and living together.

We discuss IPPF We discuss IPPF, the organisation Joke works for,Jeugddienst Globelink, in which she sits on the board of directors and Wijgaard Cohousing

002 – de waarde van de zoektocht – in gesprek met Britt Buseyne

A conservation PACKED with stories, insights, ideas.

About sorrow, loss, coping, finding reason.

About entrepreneurship to shape a life.

About networking and success stories.

Shoes, falling and breaking.

A lot.

Instagram – @Sustainabrittly An honest diary about the combination of hustle and bustle, entrepreneurship and a sustainable lifestyle.

Instagram – The Sustainable Marketeer Allows entrepreneurs and brands to integrate sustainability into their strategy and communication.

001 – de beslissing die je leven verandert – in gesprek met Greet Vandendriessche

You can follow Greet's journey through the following channels

Polarsteps – Greettravels

Soundscloud – Greettravels

Instagram – @greetvdd