About AMA

Studio AMA - Belgian designer fashion, 100% circular, made locally and socially.

What if fashion generates a positive impact?

Studio AMA is a hot spot for an alternative concept within the fashion industry. Within all parts of the process, an answer is formulated to the question of how to make it as sustainable and ethical as possible.

ecological - locally produced - short chain - gender-inclusive - socially responsible – fair trade – body positive – zero waste – circulair – made in Belgium – eco friendly – slow fashion – …

The AMA collection  is the result of the lab taking all the steps to bring a responsible, guilt-free item to you. Responsible design at its best. The garments and accessories are made from leftover materials from the local textile industry. They are produced by a social enterprise in the neighbourhood. The design ensures sustainability.

The platform ‘Goed Gekleed‘ ' inspires and informs about how you can bring sustainability into your wardrobe.

AMA - Latin imperative for "to love"

To do something because it is the right thing to do – without having to ask questions. To act and to create from a personal conviction and desire. 

Vrouwelijke CEO Soraya Wancour van Studio AMA

"Soraya Wancour is a designer and became an entrepreneur through her Start-up Studio AMA.

She worked in the high- and low-end fashion as well as the textile industry. She strives for an alternative within the fashion industry that is all too often built on exploitation of people and the environment. She is building a social and circular business model to further revolutionise the industry.

The AMA collection is made of residual materials from the local textile industry. The design is adapted to the possibilities of the local social workshop, where the clothes are made by people with a disconnection from the regular job market.

According to Soraya, transparency is the key to a more sustainable fashion landscape. An open view of the value chain affects consumer behaviour as consumers dictate the market.

With her collection Soraya is aiming to set an example on how to make make a positive impact by wearing clothing that matches your values.