ECHO – 4 kleuren


Dressed to the nines in your ECHO jumpsuit! Simplicity rules in this model, without zips or buttons. You can wear this piece in different ways. The wide sleeves can be folded down into three-quarter length sleeves. The drop collar also gives you the opportunity to vary with this piece. If you choose to let the collar do its thing, it will fall open nicely. With a pin, you can choose to create a wrap over, which creates a v-neckline. Patch pockets on the front make it a practical piece without losing elegance.



This fabric has a voluminous texture. The fabric shows a wave pattern due to level and colour differences. In height, the wave has an even texture and colour: anthracite. In the depth, there is a fine texture that is slightly lighter in colour.

Just like the other designs from AMA, in this piece we let the material speak for itself. The clean cut allows the graphic prints of the fabrics to stand out.

The collection is made of mattress cover fabric. Once production waste, this fabric is now the most comfortable, original and sustainable clothing ever. The fabrics come from mattress fabric manufacturer  Bekaert Deslee .

All pieces are cut and stitched in a tailor-made company Zonnehoeve Production, a social workshop near Ghent. Superlocal, indeed.

This piece is made of a polyester and viscose blend.
Washing? Only if necessary, inside out at 30° on a gentle, wool or delicate programme.


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