SIERRA in badstof


This is SIERRA.

Short top with medium-length sleeves and a round neckline. Ideal to combine with a high-waist trousers. This oversized model manages to combine nonchalance and comfort with style and elegance.


Size chart

origin of material

Studio AMA stands for circular fashion. That also means using textile leftovers that would otherwise go to waste.

For the new collection, we are working together with Clarysse, a Belgian textile company that excels in towel fabric.

Clarysse is 1953 specialised in bath, bed and kitchen linen. Just like Studio AMA, they put the emphasis on sustainability and local production.They produce their towel cloth in Belgian factories on Belgian looms, in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible.  

The fabrics they produce are gentle to man and planet - and this can be felt in the material. Studio AMA transforms Clarysse towelling into timeless pieces that should be worn close to the skin: Towel fabric, but wearable.Or how comfort and style are not exclusive to each other.

production process

All pieces are made at tailor-made company Zonnehoeve Production, our partner in Eke-Nazareth.

Zonnehoeve Production offers paid employment within a protected and adapted working environment for people who have difficulty finding their way in the conventional job market.

The designs are adapted to possibilities within Zonnehoeve. Studio AMA works actively with the team from Zonnehoeve to provide feasible yet challenging assignments. An intensive and special innovative collaboration.

Therefore, Studio AMA wants to make use oflocal and social employment to produce ethical fashion. It offers us the perfect opportunity to convert textile surpluses into sustainable fashion in a socially responsible way, while the Zonnehoeve employees can build up new skills in this way through interesting, qualitative assignments.

In doing so, we contribute to a positive impact on society, also with the production process!



It is important to take good care of your favourite AMA item! This will ensure a longer life for the garment, so you can wear it as long as possible.

  • Overwashing is bad for the environment and for your mood.
  • Steaming is the quickest and easiest way to refresh.
  • Preferably don't use too much and not too aggressive detergents. ("Too much is never good, except for happiness." - from my grandmother)
  • Linen and towelling can take a hit, high temperatures are no problem.It is better to run your machine at a low temperature. Less emissions and often more than adequately cleaned. 
  • To avoid accidents, it is better to put the garment together with the same colours in the washing machine.
  • Ironing and Dryer can do no harm, but preferably choose a natural drying method - the open air!

Taking care of your wardrobe in a sustainable way is both ecological and economical And that is how your clothes last longer.